Hey there!! Please read below, sweeties~

✿ Hi cutie! I’m happy you’re reading this right now (and I thank you for being my follower. I love you ; v ;) but I want to tell you that I’m no using this blog anymore (I think) because it’s a MESS! So, Imma be reblogging all of this stuff in my brand new blog → [click here]

SO~ please go check my other blog, it’s gonna be the same but I’m trying to tag everything so it will be easier for you to find posts of a certain series/category.
I’m taking this chance as a new start so I can interact more with my followers and be friends with you. So don’t be shy and go ahead to the ask box.
♥ THANK YOU very much for everything and hope to see you in my new URL.

Majo ( @ nyarijoh )